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Shellac Finishes

We are asked often about the finish we use on the furniture we make.  Royal-Lac, Seal-Lac and Shellac.  Royal-Lac is a modified shellac that has the same durability as varnish but it is matched with the same overall clarity and working characteristics of Shellac.  These characteristics are un-matched by other modern finishes (In our opinion).  On top of that they just came out with an Aerosol version of Royal-Lac that is very easy to apply and levels beautifully. A professionally sprayed finish in a can.   If you have any questions about this product do not hesitate to call the company, Vijay the owner answered all of our questions when we first started using Shellac Finishes products.

Old Brown Glue

A terrific product we use that is non toxic/organic, has superior strength,  great working characteristics, and importantly, a commonly overlooked feature is that it is reversible. Along with this they are a great company, they will help you with any questions about there product and importantly it is made in their shop in the USA.

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  Fantastic company that supplies high quality, made in America bench hardware and accessories

HNT Gordon

High Quality handmade planes and other woodworking hand tools made to last a lifetime.

Lie Nielsen Toolworks

  A great company offering high quality hand tools and accessories made in Maine.

Craftsman Studio

Fine Woodworking Tools and Books with fast shipping.

Irion Lumber

   A great company that specializes in high quality hardwoods.  A vast knowledge of all types of woodworking help with product selection. 

Alderfer Lumber

   A company located in PA that caries a variety of hardwoods, slabs and custom sawn material.

Rare Woods

   An company based in Maine with an amazing collection of exotic and domestic woods definitely worth checking out.

Horizon Wood Products

  A great company supplying high quality native hardwoods cut in flitch form

GoodHope Hardwoods

    A great company specializing in high quality native hardwoods and slabs.


A great company located in NJ that specializes in sales of new and used woodworking machinery. They fuse a vast knowledge of machinery with a quality guarantee. Contact Jake or Teddy Greico for a current inventory.

The Patriot Woodworker

The Patriot Woodworker is a group of woodworkers with a cause. We support our troops, The Wounded Warrior Project and Homes For Our Troops. Please join us and help our Woodworking and Old Machinery community grow as we help our disabled veterans recover.

Society American Period Furniture Makers

A great organization dedicated to Period Furniture and woodworkers who share the same interests.

Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers

A great organization with serious woodworkers and those looking to learn more about woodworking in mind.  Knowledge, education and group run programs.

Ball and Ball Hardware

  Antique Reproduction Hardware 18th Century through Victorian

Londenderry Brasses

Fine Brass Hardware

Horton Brasses

    Reproduction hardware for furniture and cabinetry.  Great company, with great hardware.

Whitechapel LTD Hardware

Brass and Iron hardware for furniture and home

Blakeney Sanford Fine Art

    Friend who creates amazing sculptural installations of waves and other ocean forms.  Check it out.

Carolina Breeze

  My cousin Casey designs high quality children’s clothing

Rose Tools Inc.

    Supplier of an amazing selection of antique tools.  Handplanes, spokeshaves, saws, chisels...etc.

Paintings by Gay Freeborn

     Great art of various people and animals from different perspectives.

Stained Plastic Art

   John A Girouard uses a marriage of hot glue and crayons as his medium

Fine Handmade Custom Furniture