This Stand Up Desk is a reproduction of a desk made by a clients great, great, great grandfather over 200 years ago. The original desk was past down and at some point painted, We are making a desk that will show how the original might look. This desk is made of solid premium grade cherry. with a natural hand rubbed finish. All the cherry used on this desk is consecutively cut from the same tree for perfect color and grain match throughout.  This desk is made with time tested mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery throughout.  We make custom stand up desks in any custom size in a variety of the finest hardwoods available today

    We make custom desks and furniture to order with the highest quality materials available today. Each and every piece we make is handmade to the highest of standards with a meticulous attention to detail. Contact Us for more information or to get a quote.

Watch our video on the making of this Stand Up Desk

Watch the video showing this finished Stand Up Desk


Stand Up Desk

Custom Stand Up Desk